Achilty Guest House is surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the Scottish Highlands, with its amazing forests and beautiful lochs it is a place where you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. Our hotel is set in an strategic location, in the heart of the northern Highlands, close to many touristic and historical sites and with plenty of activities for everyone.

The area has plenty to offer, from outdoors activities like cycling through forest roads, horse riding, kayaking, fishing, bird watching or beautiful walking trails to historical sites, spectacular lochs, amazing beaches, enchanted forests, natural reserve parks, beautiful castles, whisky distilleries and famous battlefields.


Scotland is home to majestic and mystical castles and its history is embodied within their ancient walls. A few miles from our hotel you can find some of the more emblematic.

Dunrobin Castle

Dunrobin Castle, dates back to the early 1300s and it is the seat of the Clan Sutherland and home of their Earls and Dukes. (50.3 miles, 1hr 7min, A9)

Inverness Castle, the first castle is said to have been built by Malcolm III of Scotland in the 11th century, it sits on a cliff overlooking the River Ness in the Highlands capital. (19 miles, 30 min, A9 & A835)

Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle, was built in the 1300s as a fortified structure to protect the lands of Kintail against Viking invasions, it is one of Scotland´s most iconic castles. (57.4 miles, 1hr 16min, A890 & A832)

Castle Leod, it is considered the inspiration behind Castle Leoch, seat of the laird of Clan McKenzie in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander historical fiction series. It is actually the home of the McMenzie Clan, a family that has been at the centre of Scottish history and politics for centuries. (4.6 miles, 11min, A834)

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness

Urquhart Castle, built in the 13th century on the shore of Loch Ness, it was held as a Royal Castle. (25.3 miles, 41min, A833)

Beaufort Castle , was built towards the end of the 13th century and was home to the Clan Fraser of Lovat. (13.7 miles, 25min, A862 & A832)

Dingwall Castle,dates back to the 12th century and it is believed to be the birthplace of Macbeth. (8.5 miles, 13min, A835)

Kilcoy Castle, built around 1580 by the Steward family. Its gardens are periodically open to the public under Scotland’s Gardens Scheme. (11.9 miles, 17min, A835)

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Whisky Distilleries

Scottish Single Malt Whisky has gone from being a small family owned industry to a global phenomenon, and it has conquered the world. Scottish whisky enthusiasts can enjoy visits to close by distilleries where they can learn how it is distilled and matured. And why not? enjoy a wee dram!

Friendship is like whisky, the older the better. Too much of anything is bad but too much of good whisky is barely enough.

Bottle of Singleton whisky

The Singleton of Glen Ord, the distillery was founded in 1838 and it is the last single malt scotch whisky distillery remaining in the Black Isle. (6.6 miles, 11min, A832 & A835)

Tomatin, was established in 1897 during the boom of the Victorian whisky boom, although it is believed that whisky was distilled on the site since the 1600s. (32.9 miles, 37min, A9 & A835)

Balblair, was founded in 1790 and it is the oldest distillery of the area. It sits on an ancient Pictish gathering place it produces a very distinctive whisky. (31 miles, 45min, B9176)

Glen Wyvis, is the first community owned distillery, and idea that in 2016 made possible to revive the distilling tradition of the area after an absence of 90 years. (8.4 miles, 15min, A834)

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Scotland’s stunning scenery wouldn’t be as striking without its beautiful lochs. These breath-taking landscapes are home to a variety of autochthonous wildlife, some are great for fishing or sailing and others are home to mythical monsters!

When you stay with us at Achilty Guest House you can enjoy some of the magnificent lochs nearby.

Loch Ness, probably one of the most famous lakes in the world and a must see sight when you visit Scotland. A combination of beautiful scenery, history and the mystery of Nessie, the monster makes it a favourite for visitors. (34 miles, 49min, A835)

Loch Achonachie, It lies on the River Conon and if you enjoy a spot of fishing you can find brown trout, salmon, pike and perch. (6.4 miles, 12, A835)

Loch Achilty, a short stroll away from the hotel and set within ancient trees, there is a small pebble beach at one end of the loch where you can enjoy a swim and a picnic! (2.7 miles, 7min, A835)

Natural Reserve Parks

A land of extraordinary beauty, the raw natural charm of the Scottish Highlands is a delight for any nature lover. Scotland´s Natural Nature Reserves are inspiring places where you can enjoy the most delightful sights and sounds of our natural world.

Highland bird species

Merkinch Local Nature Reserve, a hidden gem in the heart of Inverness, full of wildlife, plants and lovely trails. (19.7 miles, 27min, A9 & A835)

RSPB Fairy Glen, a beautiful woodland set in a hidden glen close to Inverness. Here you can enjoy wonderful waterfalls, plants and local species like buzzards and herons. (21.4 miles, 30min, A835 & A832)

RSPB Tollie Red Kites, a viewing facility near Dingwall where you can get close up views of majestic birds of prey. (6.5 miles, 12min, A835)

Ben Wyvis National Nature Reserve, the mountain is a local personality which name means Hill of Terror, with its spectacular Highland views and unique upland habitats.


Scottish forests are a home to a diverse range of trees, flora and fauna. Some of them were also home of ancient rituals and their magic are full of history.

Blackwuir Wood, walking distance from the hotel, it is home to Touchstone Maze, a magnificent collection of Scottish ancient stone and Knock Farril, a stone age hill Fort. When you visit the forest you can enjoy amazing views, walking trails and in summer, spectacular sunsets. ( 3 miles, 6min, A834 & A835)

Contin Forest, our hotel is set within this beautiful woodland, the forest stretches for miles and you can enjoy walks through ancient pines, local birch and oak trees. You can also walk or cycle to Rogie Falls, a impressive waterfall and watch salmon leaping upstream. (0,4 miles, 1min, A835)

Clash Wood, a small woodland close to the Muir of Ord where you can enjoy amazing walks while listening to the birds singing. (6 miles, 11min, A832 & A835)

Dolphin Watching

The sea around the Black Isle and Fortrose is famous for dolphin watching, you can watch these amazing creatures playing and hunting from the shore or take a boat trip and get to see also otters, seabirds and if you get lucky a whale!

Dolphins swimming in the sea

Dolphin Spirit Inverness, You can choose from two boat trips full of adrenaline in search of marine life in the Moray Firth. A wonderful excursion and a favourite of children! (26 miles, 41min, B9163 & A835)

Chanonry Point, a narrow peninsula in the Moray Firth that is the ideal location for dolphin spotting. Check tidal times for better chances to see them from the beach, the best time to see them is on rising tide. (22 miles, 32 min, A835 & A832)

Eco Ventures, operates in the town of Cromarty and provide boat trips that showcase the best of Moray Firth scenery, history and wildlife. (26.2 miles, 41 min, B9163 & A835)


Scotland is a top destination for freshwater and sea angling fishing and it is one of the favourite activities of people visiting the area.

Salmon swimming stream

Loch Achonachie Angling Club, set in a beautiful spot of the Scottish Highlands, here you can enjoy Trout and Salmon fishing, you can also find fine Sea Trout, Arctic Char, Perch and Pike. (6.4miles, 12min, A835)

Tarvie Lochs Fishery, three natural lochs close to Contin, set within beautiful scenery and where you can enjoy rainbow and brown trout fishing. (2.9 miles, 5min, A835)

Loch Achilty Trout Fishery, a very short distance from our hotel, there are nine boats available in the loch to practice your fishing skills, you can find brown, rainbow, brook and orrin blue trout. (0.3 miles, 1min, A835)


Although the modern game of golf was invented and established in Scotland, golf was first recorded in the late Scottish Middle Ages. Reason why, no matter where you go in Scotland you will always be able to find amazing golf courses that are the joy of golf lovers.

golf club and ball on a grass

Strathpeffer Spa Golf Club, you can play your way around stunning views. The club has a visitors entrance fee and you can also offers equipment hire and buggies. (3.7 miles, 8min, A834)

Brahan Golf Club, set in a secluded valley, it is an 18 hole course played over a nine hole routing. (5.6 miles, 8 min, A835)

Aigas Golf Club, nestled between Aigas Forest and the river Beauly, this family run golf course is one of the Highlands 9 hole gems. (15.4 miles, 25min, A8321 & A832)


If you enjoy cycling there are many routes you can take around the area, quiet forest roads and trails where you can enjoy the beauty of the local landscape. If you are more adventurous you might want to try the famous Strathpuffer 24 hour trail!

Strathpuffer Cycling Trail, a 12.5 km trail where every winter a 24 hour mountain bike endurance event is held. This off the road trail has tracks for everyone with magnificent views of lochs, rivers and forests.

If you enjoy the adrenaline of tough trails, water crossing, hard climbs and fast descents you will find plenty of them. And if you want to train for the competition our hotel is only half a mile away.

The trail has plenty of easy tracks to enjoy with the family and especially with children that can enjoy the sight of wee squirrels and beautiful local birds.

Other Places to visit and Activities